2005: January - May
Photos of Post Events
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Ashley Baughman - Seventh Grader - Groveton ISD - Reads winning entry to
Patriot's Pen Contest


January awards dinner - Billy and Louise Trero and other comrades and ladies

Gene McLeod presenting outstanding Fireman of the Year award

Gene McLeod and Margie Evans of Groveton High School
Outstanding "Teacher of the Year" award

Nita Arnold - Super Bowl Party spread

Super Bowl Party - Harold Scudder, Johnny and Letty Arnold, Terri Scudder
Joe Ned Dean

Patty Mangrum, Carol, Dan and Ken Murphy

Norma Gray

District 19 Meeting
Gene McLeod, Tony Alexander, Commander Dick Shawver

Johnny Arnold, Bryant Jenkins, Bud Esler, Dan and Carol Murphy, Letty Arnold, Judy Mitchell, Patty Mangrum

Nita Arnold, Lenora Ainsworth

Raymond Arnold, Jack Darington, Rob Gibson, Olin Holt Bob Steele, Olin Sonier

Volunteers for the Easter Egg Hunt
Front Row: Easter Bunny-Delorise Gray, Ron Gibson, Judy Mitchell, Second Row: Nita Arnold, Eva McLeod, Ginger Oliver, Joyce Brooks, Ruth Daniels, Donna Fish, Bob Graham, Third Row: Bob and Judy Steele, Raymond Arnold, Olin Holt, Joyce England, Lenora Ainsworth, Louise Trero


Donna Fish, Lousie Trero, Judy Steele, Joyce England, Ginger Oliver

Post's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

And the kids are off!

Gene McLeod and the Easter Bunny awarding prize to one of the winners

VFW Post Annual Cook-Off
Front: Letty Arnold, Norma Gray, Second Row: Joe Ned Dean, Johnny Arnold, Bryant Jenkins, George McGee


Ron Gibson

Mrs. Terry Waller, Ruth Daniels, Lenora Ainsworth, Judy Mitchell, Terri Scudder

Calvin Spencer

Peggy and Jack Darington, Nita and Raymond Arnold, Joe Ned Dean, Willard Hortman

Post Honor Guard at Trinity County Historical Marker Dedication

Unveiling the Historical Marker

Memorial Day Ceremonies at Cedar Grove Cemetery


Eva McLeod, Bud Esler, Bryant Jenkins, Gene McLeod, Olin Sonier

Group Photo
Front Row: Bud Esler, Denis Gaudreau, Bryant Jenkins, Ed Foster, Bob Steele, Harold Scudder, Gene McLeod, Second Row: Francis England, Arthur Arnold, Bob Graham, Olin Sonier, Charles Ainsworth, Olin Holt, Ron Linden, Johnny Arnold, Archie Arnold, Ed Martinson, Raymond Arnold, Dick Howes, Tom Fry.


Group Photo
Iris Howes, Grace Fry, Nita Linden, Joyce England, Terri Scudder, Eva McLeod, Donna Fish, Judy Steele, Lenora Ainsworth, Polly Sonier, Ruth Daniels, Nita Arnold, Letty Arnold, Sally Bechman, Patty Mangrum

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